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Medley is Nike SB Australia’s first full-length video!

Bringing together a diverse and highly talented group of up and comers who are next wave of the Nike SB Australian team.

Seriously amazing skateboarding taken to the world stage! 

Featuring: Jason Rainbird, Noah Nayef, Rob Pace, Jack O’Grady, Jarrad Carlin, Sam Sutton, Hayley Wilson, Nicholas Andrewes, Dean Johnston, Corey Young, Rowan Davis, Charles Robertson, Ben Lawrie, Harry Mcevoy, Riley Pavey, Raph Langslow

Cinematography: Brendan Gardoll, Geoff Campbell, Chris Middlebrook

Additional Cinematography: James James, Neihana Tonkin, Leigh Bolton, Colin Evans, Leo Carroll-Capp, Jon Fitzgerald, Cameron Sparkes, Dylan Bruns

Edit: Geoff Campbell, Chris Middlebrook

Produced and Directed: Chris Middlebrook

Music: Lawrence Greenwood

Art Direction: Gabriel Cole