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franky backside5050 950

When the TWS Duets Australian trip finished, Franky Villani extended his stay to rip Sydney's spots, perfect the Waterloo Grind and get a cute little Aussie animal tattooed on the inside of his arm.

Above: Child's play on a backside 50-50. Photo by Thomas Robinson.

Place to stay while in Sydney: I’m not sure. I was never really aware of where I was at any given time [laughs].

Trick to try at Waterloo: My favourite trick is definitely the Waterloo Grind – a back 180 to fakie front crook.

Australian skate brands: My favourite Australian brands are probably Pass~Port and Sunday. I ride for Sunday bearings now after we figured out some minor complications [laughs].

Australian animal: Definitely the koala. It stood out to me seeing it face-to-face. I think it might be my spirit animal [laughs]. I got a koala tattoo while I was here by Stipo [Nik Stipanovic]. But the penguin is still my favourite animal.

Australian beer: Victoria Bitter was definitely the go-to beer. Australian food: Maybe the meat pies, and Gaytimes!

Australian band: I’m not sure, but I think Tame Impala is from Oz. I really like them.

Aussie slang or saying: Fuckin’ oath, chat, sick c**t, the butts, macka. They are all so good.

Australian skateboarder or skateboarders: Dane Burman, Stipo, Levi [Jarvis] and pretty much everyone I was skating with while I was there.

Australian video part: Stipo, Treat Yourself. Best spot: The Wave, just because Dane hates it.

Thing to do when you’re not skating here: I pretty much skated the whole time, but we went off-roading – like four-wheel driving – and that was fun. Just hanging with Dane is always fun.

Australian beach: I think it’s called Coogee Beach. That place was pretty, and it had a spot by the water. I was stoked on that.

Memory from your time here: Going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park and seeing kangaroos, koalas and a giant gator.

Reason to come back: Waterloo Park and good friends.