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Joel McIlroy's full part from the new Aussie video Objects and pics from the premiere held at Leonards House of Love in South Yarra.

Filmed and edited by Chris Coleman.

DVDs are available in store at Fast Times, Hemley and Parliament skate shops and online exclusively.

Photos by Duncan Ewington and Mitch Carey.

Image 5 HappyYuta andNiddy 630
Niddy, Yuta Tanaka and Happy sink beers from Young Henrys.

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Buckling up for Objects!

Image 1 Adelaide NorrisRachel DelphinTobi Stanley 630
Chris Coleman with DNL crew: Adelaide Norris, Rachel Delphin and Tobi Stanley.

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Cosy company.

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Richard Flude pool sharking.

Image 2 ChrisColemanandLP 630
Chris Coleman and LP Nuku.

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James Robertson and Matthew Portelli.

Image 10 BrettandMarinaLittle 630
Brett Royden with Marina Little.

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Brett, Yuta and Shane Mathewson.

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The Objects homies. From left: Shane Mathewson, Chris Coleman, LP Nuku, Mitch Carey, Brett Royden, Matthew Portelli, Nath Olver and Richard Flude.