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NewOld was obliterated at one of the heaviest sessions to go down in the streets of Sydney.

It's a big claim, but from what we witnessed over the weekend, the adidas City Copa sesh is one for the history books. A road barrier was annihilated, a picnic table destroyed, and a remake of the OG manual pad (as it was in the '90s) saw more flip-in flip-out shit than ever!

The set-up was walloped by 150 skaters – all hungry for a slice of the $2.5k cash prize pool, which was awarded for best tricks, split across a steep-wedged kicker to barrier, a perfect looking picnic table and the monumental manny pad.

$500 for best trick on the pad went was split between Gabriel Summers – for his back lip – and Corey Young who 'one-upped Rowley' with a pop shove-it nose manual nollie flip out.

Big ups to adi for putting on a good show for Sydney skateboarding.

Video filmed by Leigh Bolton and Josh Hamilton. Edited by Josh Hamilton.

Check out the gallery below captured by photographer extraordinaire’s Dave Chami and Wade McLaughlin.

adidas crew arriving at Newold
The crew roll in. Chami

Starting Line
Mike Mieruszynski on the run. Chami

Sid Tags
Sid Tapia taggin' up the barrier.

Jack OGrady Bluntslide
Jack O'Grady, bluntslide. Chami

Bibi 180 nosegrind
Bibi Bradbury, 180 reverse nosegrind. McLaughlin 

Nogg Backside 180
Nogg goes the whole hog – Noah Smith backside 180. Chami

Hiroki Muraoka Suski Grind
Hiroki Muraoka, Suski. Chami

Dennis Switch backsidetailslide
Dennis Durrant, SSBSTS. McLaughlin

Shin Sanbongi Frontside Bluntslide
Shin Sanbongi, front blunt. Chami

BeauReid Backside Nosebluntslide
Beau Reid, backside noseblunt. McLaughlin 

Gabriel Summers Kickflip Crooks
Gabriel Summers, kickflip crooks. Chami 

Gabbers Snape
Gabbers and Tom Snape enjoy a beer break. McLaughlin 

Vanessa Miles Aidan Ouma Justice Reid Ben James
Vanessa Miles, Aidan Ouma, Justice Reid and Ben James. McLaughlin

Woody 180ReverseNosegrind
Woody Butwilowsky, backside 180 reverse nosegrind. McLaughlin 

GaryAlmedia SwitchNoseslide
Gary Almeida, switch front noseslide. McLaughlin 

Flude SwitchNoseblunt270
When Richard Flude wasn't on the mic he was ripping out tricks like this switch noseblunt slide 270. McLaughlin 

Juzzy BacksideLipfront180
Justice Reid back lip front 270 out. McLaughlin 

Juzzy Chami
Juzzy and Chami all smiles. McLaughlin 

Dennis Durrant Switch Backside Nosebluntslide
Dennis Durrant, SSBSNB! Chami

Session on over the piccy table. 

BeauReid SwitchHeel
Boom! Beau Reid, switch heel. Chami

Kento Yoshioka No Comply
Kento Yoshioka, no-comply. Chami

Mike Mieruszynski Backside Flip
Mikey M, backside flip. Chami

BillyLukins HeelVarial
Billy Lukins stomps a hectic varial heel. Chami 

Ben James Halfcab heeflip
Ben James backs Billy up with a half Cab heel! McLaughlin 

Billy BenJames
Props! McLaughlin 

Crew Watching Table
Good crew! McLaughlin 

Steve LaurenceKeefe Cash
Steve Murphy and Laurence Keefe with the pineapples. Chami

SeanParker Nosemanual
Sean Parker prepares for a nollie flip out. Chami

Dean SwitchMannFlipOut
Dean Palmer put on a spectacular show. Switch manual flip out. McLaughlin 

There he is! McLaughlin 

AdamDavies SwitchCrooks
Adam Davies, switch crooks. Chami 

Gabbers BackLip
Gabbers with the best trick back lip. McLaughlin 

Gabbers 50s
Cashed up. Chami 

CoreyYoung Stoke
But then Corey Young came through with a pop shove-it nose manual nollie flip out (on the buzzer) so Gabbers handed over half of his winnings. Bloody good sport!