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Gabriel Summers is the first-ever Tasmanian to become a professional skateboarder internationally.

On September 21, Zero Skateboards premiered their new video Damn It All at the LA Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, California.

Our 2015 Slam SOTY, first came under Jamie Thomas' radar when his My War clip dropped on the Thrasher site. "When Gabbers' My War came out, I seriously found my new hero," JT said in front of the full house at the prem. "I went on his Instagram and said, If things ever go sideways, you can ride for Zero. Three to six months later, I got a message through the grapevine that Gabbers wanted boards, and I couldn't have been happier." The Zero team stormed the stage and presented 30-year-old former Penguin resident with his first run of pro boards.

Big ups to Gabbers, we'll sit tight until we see him unleash hell in Damn It All.

01gabbers boards

Hit up your local skate shop to get your Gabbers board.

Gabbers, 50-50. Photo: Burnett

Hectic 50-50. Photo: Michael Burnett.