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01 Squad

U.P.S. Skate Shop held Zero's Damn It All Sydney premiere at the Palace Cinema with a very special guest, Gabriel Summers.

The prem saw friends, industry heads and competition winners of the exclusive tickets watch on before an afterparty at the Eveleigh Hotel and a screening for the masses.

Photos by Faz [Daniel Farrell].

02 DSC 3004
Zero's new weapon of mass destruction, Gabbers!

03 DSC 3005
Corey Young and Mike Mieruszynski caught stuffing down the free popcorn.

04 DSC 3015
Beau Reid, Chima Ferguson and two super stoked ticket winners.

06 DSC 3016
Leigh Bolton, James James and Tommy Fynn on the Frothy's.

05 CompetitionWinners 01
More frothing ticket holders.

07 NaomiHastings CompetitionWinners 03
Noami Hastings and a couple of lucky ticket winners.

08 CompetitionWinners 02 andPup
The little homies with Pup.

09 CompetitionWinners 04
Thumbs up, start the show damn it!

10 JasonDowel Mish
Jason Dowell and Mish blinded by the light.

11 JesseCoyle NatPrugsaritinon
Jesse Coyle and Nat Prugsaritanon.

12 PaulLing AndrejZecovic TimSummers
Paul Ling and Andrej Zecevic.

13 WadeThompson StevieStipanovic StuartHall Gabbers LeighBolton MarkRowe JamesJames
Boys in the back rows: Wade Thompson, Stevie Stipanovic, Stuart Hall, Gabbers, Mark Rowe, Bolts and James James.

15 SamBosley PatrickSloot
Sam Bosley and Patrick Sloot suck back a few Frothy's.

16 WadeThompson Schooner
Wade and Schooner.

17 LetsGoGabbers
Let's go, Gabbers!

18 DSC 3027

19 DSC 3034
The fuck...

20 DSC 3039

Stay tuned for the official release of Damn It All to see Gabbers and Dane Burman throw down hard.