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DSC 2634 DennySwBsNb

Melbourne CBD's RMIT Basketball Courts were taken over on the weekend by the adidas Skateboarding teams from Australia, Japan and Europe to shred in an inclusive sesh with the locals.

Image above: Dennis Durrant SSBSNB.

The likes of Mike Arnold, Magnus Bordewick, Maite Steenhoudt, Gustav Tonnesen, Kai Kishi and Laurence Keefe took to the court with Australian adidas team riders, Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Gabriel Summers and Brad Saunders.

RMIT's surroundings were under construction, which made the set-up feel like the ultimate DIY with obstacles reviving many of Melbourne's relic skate spots.

Scroll through the images below to see the cracking photos captured by Dave Chami and Wade McLaughlin.

Adelaide Norris Nollie Lipslide
Adelaide Norris nollie front lips the shit-tonne-heavy tram barrier. 

DSC 2542
Magnus Broderwick bangs out a busty backside flip on the Yellow Peril.

DSC 2560
Adam Davies does a bananas backside flip of his own. 

DSC 2561
Maite Steenhoudt was all smiles.

Maite Steenhoudt Beanplant
Maite's beut bean plant.  

DSC 2727
Mitchell Howse was mashing about no complies. 

DSC 2430 BradFsFeeble
Brad Saunders was one of the court's 'best on field' for the day. Front feebs with ease. 

DSC 2858
But Brad got busted up on this five-o up the whole barrier. 

DSC 2818 PatBs180Ng
Pat Robert's put down back 180 nosegrind reverts. 

DSC 2640 BenKfBsSmith
Ben Weir piecing together a kicky back Smith. 

DSC 3098
Simon Frazzetto, Tully West and Leigh Takemoto enjoy the good vibes of Skate Copa Classics.

Emcees Alex Lawton and Richard Flude
Alex Lawton and Richard Flude keepin' the crowd pumped.

Gustav Tonnensen Backside 180 fakie 5 0
Gustav Tonnesen goes in on a back 180 fakie five-o revert.

Morgan Campbell Noseslide Transfer
Morgan Campbell transfers a noseslide. 

Mike Arnold Wallie
While Mike Arnold smashes out a wallie. 

Tebby Gabbers and Mappy
Andrew Tebb and Anthony Mapstone flank Australia's newest pro, Gabriel Summers. 

DSC 2950 BowmanBsNbRevert
Bowman Hansen twisting and turning a back noseblunt revert over the back. 

Phil Marshall Blunt Kickflip to Fakie
Phillip Marshall kickflips out of a blunt to fakie for the love after all of the cash had been dished out. 

DSC 2926
Possibly the most talked-about trick of the day, Kotora Mitani bounced back after a heavy slam on an ollie over and into the perilous back bank for the make you see right here. 

DSC 3105
A classic event that will be cemented in Australian skateboarding history.