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01 TullyCamera630

Over the weekend, talented skateboarder, filmer and genuinely beautiful soul, Tully West, lost his battle with brain cancer.

Our thoughts are with Tully’s family, his girlfriend and his many friends. His mother, Kelly, posted these moving words on his GoFundMe page yesterday:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I share that on the 18th January at 4am, Tully Zaid Aiden West, peacefully in his sleep and with a smile on his face, let go.

I am pleased to share that he had no pain or discomfort.

I felt so privileged to be lying by his side, playing his music and films in the background when he allowed himself to stop fighting, which he has been doing so bravely for such a long time.

Tully was a talented skater, a filmmaker and a traveller.

02 Tullyandcrew630

He was a son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a boyfriend and a friend to so many people around the world. Tully was a humble, kind, caring, generous, hilarious, honest and spirited young man, with so much to offer the world.

04 630tully

05 Avastin630

Thank you to all of Tully’s friends, family, loved ones and the skating community for helping shape him into the wonderful soul that he was. Thank you to Janine and her family for sticking by Tul even when everything grew very difficult. Janine – you brought him such joy.

03 TullyONJ630

I also want to thank all the doctors, nurses and specialists at the Austin/Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre for always treating Tully with respect and compassion and for being so determined to try anything possible to help Tully. They gave him the dignity he requested and deserved.

06 Tully2630

07 Tully630

It took a lot of convincing in April for Tully to give me permission to make this GoFundMe page. The generous donations and support enabled Tul to have peace of mind, it took so much pressure off him, and it allowed him to have a quality of life that otherwise would not have been possible.

Even more important than the money, was that it showed him just how loved he was and that he was never alone in this.

The family need some time now to quietly reflect on the last 24 years. Tully had a wonderful life and will be so missed. The loss of Tully will bring such sorrow to so many people who adored him. What will keep me going is the thought that he can skate again now, and he can talk, and he can be free.

08 Tully WEST Manual630
Manual photo by Isaac Matz from Slam Issue 216.

Please feel free to add thoughts, memories and photos through this site. I will be adding photos over the next few days. Much love, Kelly.

You can watch the final video that Tully created here: Crimson & Clover.