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The annual Tampa Pro went down on February 29 and for those who missed the six-hour finals live stream, SPoT Tampa have released a five-minute video recap.

Nyjah Huston flew by the seat of his athletic tights into first place while ’Straya’s own Shane O’Neill followed strong for the silver medal. Ishod Wair slipped into third on the podium while Evan Smith got his hands dirty in a tent out the front.

In the Women’s event, the Japanese dominated with Hina Maeda taking gold and Yumeka Oda taking silver.

Men’s Results
1. Nyjah Huston 
2. Shane O’Neill
3. Ishod Wair
4. Alex Midler
5. Kelvin Hoefler
6. Maurio McCoy
7. Mason Silva
8. Dashawn Jordan
9. Luan Oliveira
10. Carlos Ribeiro
11. Manny Santiago
12. Angelo Caro

Women’s Results
1. Hina Maeda
2. Yumeka Oda
3. Margielyn Arda Didal
4. Gabriela Mazetto
5. Ana Rendon
6. Samarria Brevard