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Shmoofoil QDB 000161970027

adidas Skateboarding celebrates Mark “Gonz” Gonzales through a collaborative delivery of everyday essentials.

Designed as a line of basics that are anything but, the premium collection is the brands' take on a best-in-class casual range featuring Gonz’s own custom artwork and Shmoofoil logo signifying excellence and superior quality.

The Shmoofoil collection stays true to classic adidas design DNA, hand-selected by Gonz to carry a makeup of heavyweight cotton, jersey and French Terry. The purposeful construction delivers an added layer of comfort and endurance to a variety of hoodies and outerwear, sweatpants, shirts, and shorts.

Captured by iconic photographer Quentin De Briey, the collection of images below is shot in Gonz’s home city of New York, featuring Mark himself and fellow team riders Heitor da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, and Nika Washington.

Shmoofoil QDB 000161990012

Shmoofoil QDB 000161990012 2

Shmoofoil QDB 000162060016

Shmoofoil QDB 000162080012

Shmoofoil QDB 000162120002

Shmoofoil QDB 000162130005

Shmoofoil QDB 000162140010

Shmoofoil QDB 000162160004

Shmoofoil QDB 000163350015

Shmoofoil QDB 000163360036

Shmoofoil QDB adidas006


Shmoofoil QDB adidas008

Shmoofoil QDB adidas011

Shmoofoil QDB adidas014

Shmoofoil QDB adidas018

Shmoofoil QDB adidas060 2

The Shmoofoil collection is available on the adidas Skateboarding website and at select retailers now.