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Between travelling constantly, bringing a daughter into the world and leading Team Queensland into a valiant charge at last year’s Red Bull Skate of Origin, Jackson Pilz has also somehow managed to acquire his own private backyard bowl. Having bought a property on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Jacko explains how he managed to convince his sponsors to help him out with the fresh ’crete and the joys that come along with a few beers and a backyard session.

As told to Nat Kassel. Photos by Wade McLaughlin.

A property in the bush.
I live just out west of Noosa, in the bush on the Sunshine Coast. It’s an acreage in between towns. It’s super nice and I love it up here. The backyard bowl started with Red Bull wanting to build something skateable in a drain somewhere. I had just got the property, so I said maybe we could do a build at mine instead. It snowballed from there. I had Red Bull, Vans and Volcom help out with the money and I paid for some of it as well. I can’t thank those guys enough. The bowl was finished around the end of March 2019.

It’s eight foot in the deep end and six foot in the shallow. It kind of looks like a choad with a uni-ball. Or a Darth Vader helmet maybe. I decided on a bowl because I love skating them. And if I ever have spare cash in the future, I figure I can build other features around it. There’s nothing but space out here.

We’ve had one snake make its way into the bowl. I thought it was a baby tiger snake, but it turned out to be a keelback or something. Aside from that, the only wildlife we’ve had in there has been a couple of cane toads before winter. It’s been super mellow.

The most fun session lately was my mate Braydon’s birthday. He just did his own thing out here. We had a skate and a barbecue and drank a bunch of beers and had fires all over the place. People were dressed up all crazy and skating. It was exactly how I imagined having a bowl would be.

Sunny Coast backyard crew.
I’ve been skating Chiggy’s [Matt Chigwidden] backyard vert ramp for as long as I can remember. I think Billabong gave us the ramp when we were around 14. Up here on the Sunny Coast, our street spots are non-existent, but we have loads of parks and now a few sick backyard bowls. My good mate, Dougie, from Concrete Skate Parks built mine, and he also built my friend Chiggy’s bowl in his backyard. It worked out perfect because Dougie had just moved to Coolum when Chiggy and I were figuring out how to build our bowls. We would have been completely fucked without him.

Clips and trips.
In terms of clips, I think we’ll be doing something in the bowl with Andrew [Mapstone] and Vans soon. I just need to be home for a little bit to film some stuff. I’ve been on a bunch of trips lately – Mallorca, Skate of Origin, New York, Singapore and Europe a couple of times. It’s tiring for sure, but I’m so lucky to be able to do it.

Rad-dad life.
Travelling is great, but missing the family is hard. I love being a dad. My daughter, Olive, is such a little character. She keeps me laughing all day, but it’s tiring as hell for sure. Alana, my girlfriend, has it way harder than me though, so I have nothing to complain about. I’m also working on a Volcom part, which should be out in a little bit. Apart from that, I’m just happy doing these trips and skating the bowl whenever I can.

jackson pilz 950

Article from Slam Issue 224. See more of Jackson ripping his bowl for his curated Volcom collection HERE.