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Flatten the curve – Our Slam SOTY, Rowan Davis, front boards up a curved sculpture in Newy and transfers over. Photo by Brendan Frost. As seen in Slam Issue 226.

It’s no news to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wild and unpredictable ride, disrupting peoples’ lives and the global economy. Almost every individual, business and community has been affected in some way.

Skateboarding is not exempt and neither is Slam. A magazine can’t exist without advertising and the unpredictability of the past few months saw a lot of advertising budgets temporarily frozen. This was understandable, because when the economy was in near total lockdown, it was difficult for businesses to plan for the future.

For Slam, this means that the next print issue, number 227, will be dropping in September, instead of July. So if you’re a subscriber, there will be a bit of a delay with the mailout, but you’ll still get the same amount of magazines when all is said and done. And if you’ve been keeping your eye out at the local shop or newsagent for the next issue, rest assured that it will be there, albeit slightly later than expected.

It might surprise some people to learn that by and large, many Australian skate shops have fared pretty well throughout the pandemic. In fact, reports from our friends who run distribution companies, Australian brands and local skate shops say that there’s actually been a massive upswing in sales and they’re selling out of some of the world’s leading hardware brands. Participation in skateboarding appears to be at an all-time high. Following the pandemic, this should create more stability in the industry here in Australia. Given the circumstances, that’s a great thing.

Thanks to all those who continue to support Slam and to the companies that have already booked to advertise in the next issue. This is what allows us to be the most consistent and comprehensive voice in Australian skateboarding. We’ll be back with Issue 227 in September stronger than ever.

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